Divot Disc the Ultimate Golf Training Aid
About the Inventor

Michael DeSimone is a certified golf instructor who first conceptualized the Divot Disc™ while working on his own game during the winter months in Colorado. Forced to practice indoors during the colder days, Michael looked for ways to create a reusable surface to obtain the feedback he was looking for – the divot path of the swing and where that divot is first created through the hitting zone. The idea for the Divot Disc™ was born!

Understanding that a training aid that could offer a reusable surface to provide this feedback would be valuable to many golfers, DeSimone presented the idea to his close friend Ron Angstead. Ron is the President and CEO of Rapid Pro Mfg. in Longmont, Colorado. Ron and his staff of engineers and product developers worked along with DeSimone to design, prototype, test, and finally create what is now the Divot Disc™.

Product Dimensions

The Divot Disc™ is a patented, multi-layer golf mat. The Divot Disc™ measures 24 inches in diameter. It is approximately ¼ inch thick , and it weighs 3.5 lbs.

Product Feature

The highly durable, specially selected microfiber surface accurately provides visible feedback of the path and orientation of the clubhead after it contacts the surface. This surface material is also sensitive enough to accurately detect and display the roll characteristics of a golf ball putted over its surface.

The surface can be cleaned or reset by brushing the hand or clubhead over the surface in the reverse direction that created the feedback.

Product Accessories

Three nylon tabs are fabricated into the front edge of the Divot Disc™ to permit the attachment of the included targeting strings (2) for target line and swing line visualization.